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Pelican Feeding

Daily at 12 Noon

The San Remo Fishermans Co-op feed the Pelicans daily at 12 noon, on the foreshore next to the San Remo Pier.

Like most Australians who choose to live by the coastline and love their fresh seafood, the wild Pelicans of San Remo Pier are no different.   They love their fresh seafood too!  

The Australian Pelican is unique in that it is almost entirely white, with just a bit of colour on the end of its wings and has the longest bill in the bird world.  And, don’t they put those incredibly lengthy bills to good use to snap up all the food, and impress their prospective mates. 

The purpose of the free daily Pelican Feeding at 12 pm is not only to give these hungry birds a feed and entertain the crowd but also to help educate the public in regards to the Pelicans, their diet, lifestyle and how we can improve conservation and environmental efforts to protect these Australian icons and similar species.   The wild Pelican numbers in San Remo can vary between 5 – 35 birds.  This activity is undertaken by well-trained staff, free of charge and regulated by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning.

After watching the Pelican Feeding, be sure to have a wander along the San Remo Pier jetties where you can find a large Stringray family that can often be seen gliding through the water that this vantage point.  Although, after seeing the Pelican eating up all their delicious fresh fish, it’s hard not to pop into the San Remo Fishermans Co-op to grab some delicious fish & chips yourself. 

History of Pelican Feeding in San Remo

The San Remo Fisherman’s Co-op has a rich history with these birds starting from local fishermen throwing them the unwanted fish offcuts, to developing into a more structured feeding schedule like what we have today. The Pelican Feeding has been at the specific daily time of 12 pm since 1985 when Warren Dickie become the first regular Pelican feeder in San Remo. The Pelicans now have a great sense of when lunchtime is and usually gather in hungry anticipation! Who can blame them?  Especially since San Remo is famously known as the best place on Philip Island for authentic and fresh seafood, and delicious fish & chips.

 Pelican Feeding on San Remo, Philip Island started by Warren Dickie-  Talk to the Animals – Channel 7 – 1997