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Fresh Seafood


7 days a week 10:30 am – 8 pm
Fresh fish, crays, prawns, oysters & more

We source sustainable fresh seafood from our own fleet of fish and lobster vessels. When you’re in town, have a stroll on San Remo jetty to check out our boats and see if anyone is unloading their fresh seafood catch.

With an ever-changing variety according to seasons and weather, your choices will include live and cooked southern rock lobster, king prawns, oysters, mussels, scallops, octopus and an ever changing variety of fish. Below are a few of our San Remo Fisherman’s Co-op favourites…

Gummy shark

Gummy shark is the primary target fish for the majority of fishing boats out of San Remo. “Gummy” is sustainably caught in local Bass Strait waters, by sitting gillnets on the seafloor to target the bottom dwelling fish. Gummy fillets are sweet, delicate and boneless – not surprisingly they are the “main event” in our fish & chippery! 

Southern Rock Lobster

Boasting a sweet, delicate firm white flesh; a rich ‘sea spray’ flavour and generous meat-to-shell ratio – almost double that of other lobster species – Australian Southern Rock Lobster is one of the world’s most indulgent food experiences.  

The delectable southern rock lobster is sustainably fished by our members along the length of the Victorian coast. You can visit the San Remo Fisherman’s Co-op for both live and cooked lobster, or purchase a succulent seafood platter featuring lobster, prawns, oysters and more.

N.B.  Southern Rock Lobster season is closed mid-September to mid-November each year.


Bass Strait scallops are sweet and succulent, with a rich creamy orange roe. Sustainably fished under strict conditions, the season ranges from April to December every year. We also vac-pac and freeze the best of each season, so you can get your scallop fix all year round.

Australian King Prawns

King Prawns

The Australian King Prawns are renowned throughout the world as the premium species of prawn.  We source the best wild caught King Prawns direct from our neighbours in South Australia.

Choose either green or cooked – we steam a new batch at the San Remo Fisherman’s Co-op almost every day.   These beauties are not to be missed.  Drop in today an grab some to enjoy with a glass of wine. 


Our octopus fishermen use custom made octopus traps, ensuring no bycatch of other species and a long term sustainable fishery. All octopus processed in the Co-op is “tumbled” in our stainless steel tumbler for increased tenderness. Look out for fresh occy, frozen vac packs, or try a jar of our magnificent pickled octopus, made in house with our own secret recipe!


Keep an eye out for a local secret – the duckfish (also known as boarfish) is one of the best tasting fish in Bass Strait. With very firm sweet flesh and a wonderful delicate flavour, if you see it on display or on our menu, give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!