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Feel good about your seafood

Feel good about your seafood – what are you buying, and why does the Co-op matter?

At the San Remo Fishermen’s Co-operative, we aim to support Victorian Commercial Fishermen who are members of our Co-operative.

Most importantly, we pay our fishermen up to 40% above the industry standard for their seafood. This enables small-scale fishing operations to engage in sustainable fishing practices and receive a fair price for their efforts.

In addition, we support fishing vessels with jetty services, including loading and unloading, producing ice for the boats, and organising bait and fishing equipment.

To access the benefits of the Co-op, fishermen must become members and participate actively by selling fish, utilising Co-op services, or volunteering. The fishermen also have a say in the co-op’s direction. Member fishermen can be elected to the Co-op’s Board of Directors, directly influencing its future and direction.

The Co-op is committed to creating a fair supply chain and providing sustainable seafood instead of focusing solely on profits. The funds for these initiatives come from the proceeds of our Fish & Chips restaurant and Fresh Seafood sales. We invest directly in the supply chain and support crucial areas.
In addition, we use our profits to sponsor and support our local community through donations and other means.

What do you get when you purchase Fish & Chips or Seafood from the Co-op?
You not only get access to fresh seafood but also have the peace of mind that your seafood is sustainably sourced and that the people who catch it for you receive a fair price.
On top of all that good freshness, you give and support the local community surrounding San Remo.